Lifestyle At The Cottages


At the Cottages of Monroe, you’ll find a cozy, Southern community that offers both physical support and a welcoming and active environment for your loved one. With regular opportunities to challenge the mind and nurture the heart, our mission is to offer our residents the ability to achieve their desired quality of life.

Home is more than just a place to live—it’s a feeling of warmth and comfort. That’s why the Cottage has cozy common areas where new and old friends can enjoy being together along with different sizes and styles of apartments and service programs tailored to suit the individual needs of each resident. Whether your loved one needs a little assistance or requires a great deal of hands-on care, we can help.

Our Dedicated Staff

You will not find a more caring and helpful team than the dedicated management staff working at the Cottage. With a passion to care for and assist seniors and their families, each member of our team is hand-selected to offer the best care in our community. And with 24-hour service, our staff is always available for our resident’s convenience and safety.

Cottage Activities

The Cottage activity program offers participation in a variety of activities to strengthen mind, body and spirit. Whether attending a Cottage activity or an outing to an event, our residents have numerous opportunities for an active and healthy lifestyle.

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